Georgia [1] is a US state in the South. The state was named for Great Britain's King George II. Founded in 1733, it was the last of the 13 original colonies that became the first 13 US states. Georgia is more diverse than many Americans realize, with a scenic seacoast, mountains higher than any peaks in Britain, and large cities as well as extensive rural areas. Its historic sites focus mostly on the Antebellum and Civil War eras and the civil rights movement. (Atlanta was the home of Martin Luther King Jr.) Warm Springs was the Southern home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he died there in 1945 shortly after beginning his fourth term in office. It's a must for tourists interested in the Great Depression or World War II. Many (but not all) Georgians speak with southern accents. Non-native English speakers may have difficulty understanding them. Many native Georgians speak in the dialect of the American South. This dialect changes slightly as you cross through each region, and will be more so in rural areas. People in the South generally speak more slowly, carefully, and politely than those from the North. In particular, English speaking visitors from larger cities or other regions will have to adjust to the different pace of speech if they visit Georgia's smaller towns. Speaking quickly and bluntly can be perceived as inconsiderate or rude, and may gather a negative response.
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humidity: 69%
wind: 7mph SSW
H 80 • L 78
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