Oklahoma [1] is a state in the Great Plains region of the United States of America. Oklahoma celebrates their centennial of statehood in 2007. [2] Oklahoma became a state on November 16th, 1907.
Oklahoma has a rich Native American past. In the 1830’s Oklahoma was the end of The Trail of Tears [5] and over 16,000 Cherokee Indian people were forced to move from their eastern homes by the United States government and were relocated to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. In addition the Five Civilized Tribes were relocated from the southeastern United States. Oklahoma’s name is taken from two Choctaw words. “okla” means people and “humma” meaning red, so Oklahoma literally means “red people”. Thirty nine tribes and Indian nations have their headquarters in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma has a recent pioneer past. There are people alive today in Oklahoma that remember it as a frontier. Oklahoma is most known to the outside world as the site of the tragic Oklahoma City Bombing. The cost of living is among the lowest in the US and such includes the cost of tourist related activities. Lodging, rental cars, fuel, and restaurants are lower in cost than nearly anywhere else in the US